summer's finally hit NYC recently.
i used to hate it, but nowadays i'm utilizing my time wisely.

in the summer i eat lots of fruit.

while you're at work wondering why you don't have half day fridays or why you're sitting at your over heated cubicle while your boss is at his summer home hanging out with puff daddy, you can remind yourself to refresh with a fruity note pad.

yes, i know the sentences above have bad transitions, but check out this cute shit:

not so long ago i had a chance to meet with paula hayes, who btw is the coolest nyc hippy ever.
ever since i've been inspired making my own terrarium types with unique succulents and cacti.
here's some easy ways to get started...

you know what else is so summer, but not NYC summer?

art installation none the less, but in any case - post up kids!


by pinaryar

adam cornish x box & dice - flex hammock

fox fur double hammock by bless studio (sexxxy)

i'll be here all summer...



June is warming up to lots of more auctions.
Here are some of my favorite previews...

Phillips de Pury June 2, 2009
Modern and Contemporary Editions


Phillips de Pury June 3, 2009
Design Editions

Y Campana Bros.

Wright 20 June 2, 2009
Important Design

Okay someone give me a few million dollar$ please.



In memorium of my hangover of a weekend (it just wouldn't go away)...
Here are some of my favorite bedding sets.
I suggest stepping your bedroom game up by applying some soft sheets in your life.
You shouldn't shit where you sleep.
Jump. In. Now.

BUT- right now on ebay:

Everyone loves a little couture.
and the ONLY bed - the rolls royce of them all...

sweet dreams.



It is of great coincidence to start off the first with what influenced me in the first place...

Guggenheim (YNY) has released the Frank Lloyd Wright Collection® LEGO® Architecture Building Sets May 15, 2009.

The first two sets will be of the Guggenheim and Fallingwater.
There are other prestige building sets, but they aren't as exciting because they look like all the city skylines we see everyday.
The whole "paint by numbers" type of build won't be fun or creative for kids, but shit - I love building. period.

(photo via prairiemod)